Sabe’ Gar
(Seventh Neighbor)

Directors – Nadine Khan, Heba Yousry and Ayten Amin

Touching on family issues of a group of neighbors who live in the same apartment building in Maadi, the show attracted more than 9 million views on Youtube, where the episodes are being uploaded after their premiere on TV, only two weeks after the show aired on Al Youm and CBC Drama TV channels. On social media platforms, particularly Facebook, audiences raved about the series and its authenticity in portraying the social traditions that are prevalent in every Egyptian home.

Ana Shahira..
Ana El Kha’en

Director – Ahmed Medhat

The first TV series in the Arab world to tell the same story from different POVs, the show is a 60-episode TV drama split into two seasons. Based on a bestselling two-part-novel by author Noor Abdulmajeed, the first season has been aired and in a very short span of time it has gained a wide fan-base across the region.

Le’abet Eblis
(The Devil's Game)

Director- Sherif Ismail

Set in the background of suspense and mystery, the story follows twin brothers; a successful entrepreneur and a wicked magician who forms a bond with the devil to fulfill his vicious goals.

As the first TV drama that digs into the world of magic, four magicians were hired in order to teach Youssef El Sherif how to prepare for this work, as he gave all magic tricks himself.

Zarf Aswad
(The Black Envelope)

Director – Ahmed Medhat

Youssef is a man who loses everything including his family. At the time Youssef's life is on the brink of a dramatic collapse, everything takes a nightmarish turn unexpectedly when he receives a black envelope that unleashes gates of hell where specters incessantly brawl.

The series succeeded in attracting the audiences’ attention with its mysterious events that put the audiences in a constant state of anticipation trying to resolve the mystery. The series is writer Ahmed Medhat’s debut script.

Ard Khas Show

The first drama series to be shot on film in the Middle East. - Akhbar El Nogoom Magazine


A'ard Khas is a light drama series about 5 mid-twenties Egyptian girls and guys who aspire to break into the glamorous world of acting. They are chosen by the famous actor Ezzat Abu Ouf to take part in his acting workshop and the successful ones will get the opportunity of a life time and break into the magical world of cinema. A'ard Khas is a 16 mm series as the first series of its kind in the Arab world, hence the highest production values. First dramatic work to tackle the scripted reality genre that introduces real characters, however, it twists the reality through a fictional storyline. An attractive host of guest stars playing their characters including; Hend Sabry, Ahmad Al Fishawy, Asser Yassin, Nicole Saba, Amr Waked, Producer Mohamed Hefzy, Director Tarek El Aryan, Director Sandra Nashaat, and others.


Target Audience : Mainly Young Arabs (16-30) who are seeking a more progressive and modern type of Arabic drama.

No. of Episodes : 13 episodes running on weekly basis.

Shooting Format : Super 16mm (First ever in the Middle East), hence the highest production values First dramatic work to tackle the scripted reality genre that introduces real characters, however, it twists the reality through a fictional storyline. An attractive host of guest stars playing their characters including Hind Sabry, Ahmed Fishawy, Asser Yassin, Nicole Saba, Amr Waked, Mohamed Hefzy, Director Tarek EL Aryan, Director Sandra Nashat, and more.


Hadi El Bagoury
Film Director

Hadi El Bagoury

Film Director

El Bagouri decided to make his project unique by shooting on film which is a first in the Arab world and use the story telling techniques of cinema whether in terms of script or editing to provide a new experience to the viewers.

Executive Producer

Hani Osama

Executive Producer

Hani co-founded The Producers with Hadi El Bagoury in 2001. He is the executive producer and the managing director; managing a team of 30 employees ranging between producers, unit managers, production managers, etc... He is the man behind the vision of growing the company with its own equipment and studio to make it one of the biggest production companies in Egypt asset-wise.

Supervisor / Director


Supervisor / Director

Shaker is the backbone of 3ardkhass since his contribution started when the initial idea appeared. Accordingly he has Worked on every detail from scratch through all the departments from the script till the end of the post production process. Thought he is the youngest member of the team he has a strong experience in the TV field.




Motasem is the head writer leading a team of very talented script writers. He mixed the structure of the soap opera and american tv shows to develop the unique formate of 3ardkhass episodes creating a new structure for the Egyptian TV drama. regarding the tempo and the way of storytelling.



Ezzat Abu Ouf

The famous actor and head of Cairo International Film Festival. He plays himself as the head of the acting workshop who recruits our 5 main characters. He acts tough with them yet deep down he cares about creating stars out of them.

Karim Fahmy

Age: 27 years - Profession: A dentist Left his practice to pursue acting. He develops feelings for Dina. His over confident and hates failing, yet he has insecurities towards his acting abilities and always clashes with Ezzat.

Dina El-Sherbiny

Age: 25 years - Profession: TV Presenter. Always loved acting yet her upper class family is against it. She is the innocent girl with solid talent and a heart of gold. She is non confrontational and tries to please everyone.

Alaa Hosny

Age: 26 years - Profession: Theater Actor. Very talented and studied Theater yet from an economically lower level than the rest of the group. His wants to be known and famous after many years of the obscure theater arty scene.

Yasmine Ra'ais

Age: 25 years - Profession: Advertising Model. She is the opposite of Dina, aggressive opinionated and always looking for the opportunity to score big money and get out of modeling. Behind her opportunist façade she has a good heart and real talent.

Mostafa El-Reedy

Age: 27 years - Profession: VO & Dubbing artist People know his voice from radio and cartoon characters but never seen his face. He believes that it is about time that he is seen as much as being heard. He is multitalented and hence often distracted by the many dreams he is chasing.

GUEST STARS (Season 1)

Asser Yassin

Hind Sabry

Ahmed El Fishawy

Tarek Al Aryan

Nicole Saba

Mohamed Hefzy

Al Atabek
(Upcoming Project)

A new TV series that is directed by Ahmed Khaled who co-wrote it alongside Mahmoud Desouky.

After WWII, the world was split into two equal powers; the USA on one side and the Soviet Union on the other. Amidst this power struggle, different stakeholders from businessmen to major transcontinental companies worked together to preserve their interests and established an agency to protect these interests around the world, work underground and manipulate situations so as to guarantee the continuity of its investments and its members everywhere.

The TV series is planned to be filmed in Egypt, Dubai, European and African countries.

Anta…Fa Leyabda’
(Upcoming Project)

A TV Series in three seasons, 39 episodes based on a novel under the same title by the famous author Mohamed Sadek (Hepta and #Insta_hayah novels) who is also handling the treatment of the series with Hussein Hashem (Amanda novel)

In the world of stories, there are 36 plots that didn’t leave out a single story that ever happened in history. Hazem Ketkhda is a genius novelist, who decides to write a realistic novel where he creates the plot number 37 through controlling the lives of characters, based on very real, flesh-and- blood people. A TV series that touches on daring topics, which were never discussed in a TV drama from the Arab world before. The series events include love, hatred, marriage, divorce, betrayal, rape, sickness, death, empathy, sadism, murder and many others.

El Harafeesh

Turned into an epic TV series by The Producers, this is an episodic novel by the Nobel laureate Naguib Mahfouz which chronicles the dramatic rise and fall into decadence of the al-Nagi family. As befits a multi-generational saga about clan chiefs that traces their births, weddings, murders and succession battles in a mythic “alley” on Cairo, this is being given a new TV format treatment of a 10-season series.


Based on Naguib Mahfouz’s masterpiece, Miramar is a highly charged fable set in Alexandria, Egypt, in the late 1960s, and centers on the guests of the Pension Miramar as they compete for the attention of the young beautiful peasant girl Zohra.