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The Producers Announces Making a Sequel to Hepta: The Last Lecture

CAIRO / 29 January 2019:

Hani Osama’s The Producers announced a sequel to Hepta: The Last Lecture, the highest-grossing romantic film in the history of Egyptian cinema, based on Mohamed Sadek's best-selling book. The sequel will be written by Sadek...........

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The Producers Joins Ramadan Commercials Marathon with Its New Etisalat Egypt TV Commercial

CAIRO / 21 MAY 2018:

The Producers of producer Hani Osama's has recently joined Ramadan's marathon of TV commercials with its new Etisalat Egypt TV commercial. Directed by Hadi El Bagoury, the TV commercial brought together...........

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Ana Shahira.. Ana El Kha'en's Cast to Appear on CBC's Maakom Mona El Shazly

CAIRO / 05 April 2018:

Ana Shahira.. Ana El Kha'en's star, producer and writer will appear as guests on CBC's Maakom Mona El Shazly TV show. Set to air on Friday, April 6, at 09:00 pm, the guests including; star Ahmed Fahmy, writer Noor Abdulmajeed, and producer Hani Osama..........

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The Producers Adapts Al Harafish into a 10-season Series and Presents Miramar in Ramadan 2019

CAIRO / 30 March 2018:

Producer Hani Osama, Managing Director of The Producers, announced that the company obtained the rights to adapt the novels Al Harafish and Miramar by the great writer Naguib Mahfouz into two series..............

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Today, Airing of Seventh Neighbor's Season 2 Finale

CAIRO / 14 March 2018:

Seventh Neighbor TV series by directors Ayten Amin, Nadine Khan and Heba Yousry is going to conclude its second season on Wednesday, while continuing to attract the audience attention by reaching enormous YouTube views..........

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Nesma Mahgoub Sings Mafeesh Hekayet Hob Sodfa Theme Song of Ana Shahira .. Ana El Kha'en Season One

CAIRO / 1 March 2018:

The Producers released the new theme song of season one of Ana Shahira.. Ana El Kha'en TV series. The song is performed by star Nesma Mahgoub.............

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The Producers Turns Afezyaa into a Four-Episode TV Series

CAIRO / 12 February 2018:

Determined to carry on with its plan of turning successful Arab literary works into films and TV series, Producer and Managing Director of The Producers, Hani Osama, revealed that the company..........

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Sheikh Jackson Film Wins Two Awards at the Egyptian Cinema Film Association Festiva

CAIRO / 5 February 2018:

Sheikh Jackson, produced by The Producers, Film Clinic and iProductions, won two awards at the 44th Egyptian Cinema Film Association Festival.............

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Wrapping Up Shooting the Last Scenes of Season One of the Duology Ana Shahira.. Ana El Kha'en

CAIRO / 12 January, 2018:

The cast and crew of writer Noor Abdulmajeed's duology Ana Shahira.. Ana El Kha'en wrapped up shooting the first season of the TV series starring Yasmin Raeis entitled 'Ana Shahira'..........

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